In order to follow the guide effectively, I strongly recommend using the same settings I do. Once you complete this guide, feel free to play around with the settings as you see fit.

Settings – Video – Quality Tab

First thing is to disable some really annoying video settings that do not benefit you in any way. Go to Settings > Video > Quality tab and disable “Depth of Field” and “Motion Blur”. I don’t know about you but I literally disable those options in every game I play. I do not want to see blurry objects further away, and I do not want blurriness when looking around. I do not experience this effect in real life, neither do I want to experience it in games. This is totally optional but highly recommended.

Settings – Audio

Second important thing is to remove in game music completely. In prevents you from hearing zombies or generally any important sounds that can prepare you for battle in advance. Go to Settings > Audio and disable “In-Game Music Volume”. If there was a zombie apocalypse in real life you wouldn’t see me walking around with a boombox blasting music. Again this is optional but highly recommended.

New Game – General Tab

Call the Game Name “7DTDG” and choose “PREGEN10K” as the Game World. This will ensure that you’re playing literally the same map and same location as me, which will make it that much easier to follow the guide. Make sure the Server Visibility is set to “Not Listed”. You do not want random people joining your game while following the guide. Lastly, choose the difficulty you are most comfortable with. In my case it’s set to Insane.

New Game – Basic Tab

You have two choices under the Basic tab depending on your level of experience in this game. If you are a beginner or still fairly new at this game, I would suggest to leave all settings as indicated in the illustration under “Beginners”. If you are a more experienced player and dare the challenge, set all the Zombie Speed as Nightmare, Zombie Feral Sense to All as indicated in the illustration under “Experienced Players”.


Experienced Players

New Game – Advanced Tab

Leave all those settings as is, except the Loot Respawn Time which I set as “Disabled” which basically prevents any acquired loot from respawning, this is to encourage players to venture out further in the game rather than staying in one place looting through the same areas. Also the Mark Air Drops option set to “On”. I enable this only because I really can’t be bothered to search for airdrops especially when they fall in the most awkward places, it can sometimes take up the entire game day to find them, which can get quickly frustrating. When enabled, this option will add a little yellow marker on the map showing exactly where the airdrop is. Keep in mind that this marker does go away after 3 days, so you have to remember to place your own marker on the map when in game.