Start Upgrading Base to Cobblestone

You only have 600 x Cobblestone, use that to start upgrading your base. Upgrade from the inside out starting with the Poles. Move to the next step once you run out of Cobblestone, we’ll resume with upgrades the next morning.

Restock on Repair Kits

Before you head out for the day, it’s a good idea to stock up on Repair Kits and Duct Tape. The rule of thumb is to have the same amount of repair kits (or more) as you have tools and melee weapons in your tool belt. In our case we have our Baseball bat and Wrench that will need repairs, therefore 2 Repair Kits would be a minimum to have on hand, extra is always better. Tape is also important as it’s required for almost everything you craft, think of it as the base ingredient.

Gain XP

  • Look for items from the Master Loot List for Day 4
  • Refill on Wood until you reach 500.

Return by 19:00.

Visit the Trader

Trader’s stash is now refreshed, it’s shopping time. Look for Mechanical Parts as we need 6 and Duct Tape and Glue.

Craft a Wrench

You should have your “Salvage Operations” Skill unlocked by now. Smelt 216 x Iron and 22 x Clay using the Forge and craft 18 x Forged Iron, then Craft a level 2 Wrench.

Start Building the Bunker

Just like the night before, bring Wood, Cobblestone and Clay and start digging and shaping out the underground Bunker. Visit the Bunker Construction page for step by step instructions.

  • Craft 300 x Cobblestone.

Do this until 4:00.

Day 3
Day 5