Set Stones Aside

Set another 500 x Stone aside. This will be the last time we set Stones aside, we should have enough to craft all the Concrete Mix we need.

Craft 500 x Concrete Mix

Use Both Cement Mixers to evenly craft 500 x Concrete Mix. You’ll need 500 x Stone, 500 x Sand and 500 x Cement Mix.

Smelt Stones, Craft Forged Iron

Stop crafting Cement and replace the smelting Iron with Stone evenly using both Forges and also craft the maximum amount of Forged Iron. Add Wood to last no more than 30 minutes.

Continue with Base Upgrades to Concrete

Take whatever Concrete Mix you have crafted by now and continue upgrading your base. Make sure to follow the Above Ground steps of the Base Construction Tab. You will most likely run out of Concrete Mix before upgrading everything, not to worry, we’ll resume in the next morning.

You might need to grab some Cobblestone as well since some Blocks may need repairs before upgrading them.

Visit the Trader

Trader’s stash is now refreshed, pay a visit and see if you can buy vegetables or vegetable seeds, a Wire Tool or anything in the Complementary list. Now that you have your Minibike and can get around quicker, take a loot if the Trader has any nearby “Clear” jobs available. This way you can increase your XP gains by looting, dismantling and completing a job all at the same time.

Gain XP with style!

Grab your newly crafted Minibike and at least 1000 x Gas Can to fuel it. Use your Minibike to get around quicker and Gain XP as usual. Focus on the Master Loot List from Chapter 3 as those from the first two chapters should be done by now besides the daily Clay and Iron.

  • Refill on Wood until you reach 500
  • Keep track of the Master Loot List
  • Return by 22:00

Use the extra storage offered by the Minibike, I usually like to place items that cannot be stacked as well as Food, Drinks, Bones, Rotten Flesh, Dukes, Gas Can. Use the storage however you see fit. Hold the action key while looking at the Minibike and select the Money Bag icon this let’s you access its storage.

Smelt Iron and Clay and Craft Cement

Take out the Stones and replace them with Iron and Clay. Use both Forges to spread out the smelting evenly and craft the maximum amount of Cement. Have them both smelting while spending the night inside. Place enough wood in each one to last for no more than 20 minutes.

Craft 500 x Sand

Use both Cement Mixers evenly to craft 500 x Sand. User the stones we put away earlier. If you have Sand already, only craft the amount required to have a total of 500, we don’t need more than that.

Work on the Farming Room

Continue working on the Farming Room and if done, work on replacing the Stone walls with Wood until 4:00.

Day 12
Day 14