Set Stones Aside

Set another 500 x Stone aside. This will be the last time we set Stones aside, we should have enough to craft all the Concrete Mix we need.

Craft 500 x Concrete Mix

Use Both Cement Mixers to evenly craft 500 x Concrete Mix. You’ll need 500 x Stone, 500 x Sand and 500 x Cement Mix.

Smelt Stones, Craft Forged Iron

Stop crafting Cement and replace the smelting Iron with Stone evenly using both Forges and also craft the maximum amount of Forged Iron. Add Wood to last no more than 30 minutes.

Build Farming room shaft

Right in the middle of the farming room, dig a shaft upwards, you’ll need some help moving upwards by using Wood Blocks so have at least 10 on you. Once you reach the surface, dig 1 block deep all around the hole. Craft 8 x Concrete block and place them around the hole on the surface. Finally craft and place 1 x Iron Bars in the hole so zombies or animals can’t fall through. This shaft will provide sun light for the crops in the Farming room. If you need step by step instructions, please click the Farming Room construction link under the Base Construction tab.

Finish Base Upgrades to Concrete

You should have enough Concrete to finish upgrading the rest of the base, this includes the Concrete you crafted this morning so don’t forget to check your Cement Mixers. Make sure to follow the Above Ground steps of the Base Construction Tab. You will most likely run out of Concrete Mix before upgrading everything, we’ll finish the rest of the upgrades right before the Horde night starts.

You might need to grab some Cobblestone as well since some Blocks may need repairs before upgrading them.

Fix and refill Wooden Spikes

Make sure that all Wood Spikes are fixed from last Horde’s destruction, add more If some of them are missing.

Gain XP

  • Refill on Wood until you reach 500
  • Keep track of the Master Loot List
  • Return by 19:00

Smelt Iron and Clay and Craft Cement

Take out the Stones and replace them with Iron and Clay. Use both Forges to spread out the smelting evenly and craft the maximum amount of Cement. Have them both smelting while spending the night inside. Place enough wood in each one to last for no more than 20 minutes.

Craft 500 x Sand

Use both Cement Mixers evenly to craft 500 x Sand. User the stones we put away earlier. If you have Sand already, only craft the amount required to have a total of 500, we don’t need more than that.

Repair and Replenish

  • Fix your Tools and Melee Weapons, only if they are more than 70% damaged
  • Have at least 3 spare Repair Kits on you
  • Eat and hydrate
  • Stock up on Water and/or Coffee
  • Refill on Arrows

Horde Night

Get at least 200 x Concrete Mix and 100 x Iron. Do the exact same things you did on the first Horde, but this time also pay attention to the ceiling and top Hatch, as there might be Vultures trying to break through. They barely do any damage but keep an eye out.

This will be a larger and longer horde but if all goes smooth, the zombies from Horde Night should be cleared by 2am. When it’s done, go down put away all the loot and finish the Farming Room until 4am.

Replace Stone Walls and Ceilings

Continue with Bunker and Farming Room construction by taking down stone walls and ceilings and replacing them with wood. Do this until 4:00.

Day 13
Chapter 3 – Overview