In this chapter we will mainly focus on 2 things, base defences and self sustainability. We’ll be constructing the Electrical Room and start adding base defence traps such as Electrical Fences and Dart Traps. We will also finish building our Farming Room by crafting and installing Farm Plots and planting our first seeds!

We can now reduce the amount of Stone we smelt and the amount of Concrete Mix we Craft.

Main Goals

  • Build the Electrical Room
  • Install Electrical Traps
  • Add additional Concrete side walls and upgrade them to Reinforced Concrete
  • Finish Farming Room construction
  • Plant our first seeds

Keep in Mind Daily

  • Loot and dismantle POIs.
  • Keep a minimum of 5 vegetables of any kind. You’ll craft those into seeds.
  • Buy vegetable seeds from Trader or find them by looting
  • Craft Concrete Mix with Cement Mixers during the days
  • Smelt Stone and craft Forged Iron with Forges during the days
  • Smelt Iron and Clay and craft Cement with Forges during the nights
  • Craft Sand with Cement Mixers during the nights


In this chapter we will mainly focus on Fortitude, Living Off the Land, Mother Lode, and Master Chef.
Purchase skills in the order at which they are in the Skills Tab located in the Left Navigation.

We need to upgrade this skill to level 3 in order to unlock Living Off the Land level 2.

Living Off the Land
Upgrading this skill to level 2 will unlock the ability to craft fruit and vegetable seeds. Harvest 2 items from planted crops. Reduces cost of crafting Farm Plots by 50%.

Mother Lode
Upgrading this to level 1 will increase harvesting by 20% using any axe, pick, auger or chainsaw.

Master Chef
Upgrading this skill to level 2 will unlock recipes such as Steak and Potatoes, Meat Stew, Vegetable Stew, Blueberry Pie and several Pumpkin Dishes. It also increases cooking speed by 20%.