Craft 200 x Concrete Mix and 860 x Cobblestone

Use Both Cement Mixers to evenly craft 200 x Concrete Mix and use the Workbench to craft 860 x Cobblestone. We will need the Cobblestone for the next morning.

Smelt Stones, Craft Forged Iron

Stop crafting Cement and replace the smelting Iron with Stone evenly using both Forges and also craft the maximum amount of Forged Iron, add enough Wood to smelt for no more than 30 minutes. Mare sure to keep 400 x Stone for later.

Gain XP

  • Gather 100 Clay
  • Refill on Wood (up to 500)
  • Get 1 Airdrop
  • Focus on Master Loot list Items from Chapter 3
  • Clear and Dismantle POIs
  • Do Quests (only when Master Loot list is finished and you’re ready to spend a whole day on a Quest.)
  • Gather 300 Iron
  • Return by 21:00

Smelt Iron and Clay and Craft Cement

Take out the Stones and replace them with Iron and Clay. Use both Forges to spread out the smelting evenly and craft the maximum amount of Cement. Have them both running while spending the night inside, place enough wood in each one to last for no more than 20 minutes.

Make sure not to smelt all the Clay you have, just the amount you gathered during your Gain XP task, which should be 100, the rest keep it for later use.

Craft 200 x Sand

Use both Cement Mixers to evenly craft 200 x Sand.

Finish Electrical Room construction

Keep working on the Electrical Room construction until it’s done. Move to the next step if it’s already finished.

Craft Electrical Components

Spend the night crafting the following list of electrical components with the Workbench. Once they are all in crafting queue, continue replacing your Bunker Stone walls with Wood, make your bunker pretty 🙂 Do this until 4am. Those items may take some time to craft and even go past the 4am mark, that’s normal just continue with the next day’s tasks.

  • 1 x Generator Bank
  • 6 x Electrical Wire Relay
  • 2 x Basic Light Bulb
  • 16 x Electric Fence Post
  • 2 x Switch
  • 4 x Dart Traps