In the first chapter our focus will be to take over our first POI (place of interest), build our base, begin our bunker construction which will become our home. Strengthen our stamina and melee combat skills. Craft all Iron Tools.

Main Goals

  • Take over a POI / house close to a trader.
  • Build a base nearby.
  • Craft all Iron Tools.
  • Dig a shaft and build your bunker.
  • Kill zombies and collect loot from nearby POIs daily for quicker XP gains.
  • Upgrade your base to Cobblestone for better base defence and lots of XP gains.
  • Setup basic defences with Wood Spikes.

Keep in Mind Daily

  • Keep your eyes and ears pealed, don’t run around like a headless chicken.
  • If you find metal armor or anything metal that you cannot currently use, scrap it for Iron or sell it at the Trader. Iron is way more useful especially in the first 7 days. Make sure you’re not scrapping anything from the Master Loot List.
  • If you find clothing use it asap, when day 6 comes you’ll be susceptible to weather conditions.
  • Keep eating and drinking, whether it’s canned, or cooked, you must keep your Hunger and Thirst as low as possible to keep your stamina high.
  • If you see a wandering horde of zombies during the day, take advantage and kill them, this will give you lots of XP.
  • Time is of essence, keep moving, keep doing, but do it safe and smart.
  • Visit the Trader every 3 days and pay attention to the Master Loot List, buy things even for the chapters ahead.
  • While you’re out, pay attention to tree stumps for Honey which is good for treating infections, Lakes for a water source, Iron, Coal, Nitrate and Lead Boulders, if you see any, mark them on your map to gather when resources are required. Mark only those closest to your base.
  • When you find or are able to buy Vegetables, keep at least 5 of each, we will turn them into Seeds in Chapter 3. Keep Seeds if you find any as well.


In this chapter we will mainly focus on Strength, Pummel Pete, Advanced Engineering, Sexual Tyrannosaurus,  Salvage Operations and Master Chef.
Purchase skills in the order at which they are in the Skills tab.

Upgrading this skill will increase your headshot bonus and chances of dismemberment. This skill also needs to be upgraded enough to unlock its secondary skills such as Pummel Pete and Sexual Tyrannosaurus

Pummel Pete
Upgrading this skill will increase the damage given to zombies from each bat swing, it will also increase the chances of knocking them down, which is vital for the horde night. Level 3 will also provide stamina boost with 5 consecutive hits.

Advanced Engineering
Upgrading this skill will unlock the ability to craft a Forge, which is essential at the beginning of the game for crafting Forged Iron, Iron Arrows, higher grade Tools and Weapons.

Sexual Tyrannosaurus
Upgrading this skill will drastically decrease stamina used when using melee weapons or tools. Level 3 will also provide stamina boost when performing a killing blow.

Master Chef
Upgrading this skill will unlock more filling recipes such as Bacon and Eggs, which we will cook quite frequently at the beginning. It will also reduce time required to cook.

Salvage Operations
This skill is one of the most important ones in the game as it unlocks the ability to disassemble pretty much anything using a wrench, ratchet or impact driver, giving you parts you need to craft many useful things.