Start Base Construction

Pick a close spot near your POI and start building your base. Grab all the Wood you gathered the previous day. If you need step by step base instructions, visit the Base Construction page. Once fully upgraded to wood, put away all the Clay you gathered and move on to the next step.

Gain XP

You did spend most of your day building the Above Ground part of your base so spend the rest on trying to find a Wrench, to the rest of the list if you already have one

  • Look for items from the Master Loot List for Day 3
  • Refill on Wood, up to 500
  • Bird Nests, Feathers, Eggs
  • Look for Chickens, Rabbits, Boars

Return by 20:00

Craft an Iron Pickaxe

Smelt 360 x Iron and 36 x Clay in the Forge. Craft 30 Forged Iron then craft the Iron Pickaxe. Move on to the next task while you wait for the Iron Pickaxe crafting to complete.

Build a Shaft and Craft Cobblestone Rocks

Bring Clay, Stone, Cobblestone Rocks and a Torch if you don’t have the helmet light mod yet. Make your way to the base. Start digging a shaft 10 blocks deep and 3 blocks wide.

  • As you’re digging, you’ll be collecting Clay and Stone, with that craft 600 x Cobblestone.
  • Move on to the next task if you finish with the Shaft construction before 4:00.
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Day 4