Craft 2 Forges

Craft 2 Forges and place them side by side on the right side of your bunker.

Move Loot

Move everything you have in your POI to your new base and organize everything based on all your named Storage Containers. Don’t forget to rebuild your Campfire and move the Cooking Pot and Cooking Grill.

Set Stones Aside

Take 500 x Stone and set it aside somewhere safe where you won’t accidentally use it. We will need those Stones to craft Concrete later. We will have to do this each morning for the next 7 days making it a total of 3500 Stones set aside by morning of Day 14.

Smelt Stones

Use the rest of the Stones and smelt them both evenly using both Forges. Place enough wood to last for 30 minutes in both Forges.

Gain XP

Now that we got two Forges, we will be smelting quite a bit of resources. We’ll need to pick up some Clay and Iron on a daily basis alongside everything else required from the Master Loot List.

  • Refill on Wood until you reach 500.
  • Keep track of the Master Loot List items.
  • Return by 22:00

Smelt Iron and Clay and Craft Cement

Take out the Stones and replace them with Iron and Clay. Use both Forges to spread out the smelting evenly and craft the maximum amount of Cement. Have them both running while spending the night inside, add enough Wood to last no more than 20 minutes.

Work on the Farming Room

The room should be 5 blocks deep by 6 blocks wide, with 1 row for walking space. Go to the Farming Room section under the Base Construction tab to see step by step screenshots. Do this until 4am.

Chapter 2 – Overview
Day 9