In this chapter our focus will be to craft a Workbench, Cement Mixers and upgrade our base to Concrete. Craft a better means of transportation and prep our base for better defences.

From this point on, the Master Loot List will no longer show the amounts of Tape to be collected. This is something you must collect at all times, whether it’s by combining murky water and bones, or cloth and glue or buying tape directly from the Trader. Just remember to craft Tape on a daily basis.

Main Goals

  • Transfer everything from the POI to your bunker.
  • Craft 1 Workbench, 2 Cement mixers and 2 Forges.
  • Update your base to Concrete.
  • Craft a Minibike.
  • Prep base for electrical defences.

Keep in Mind Daily

  • Loot and dismantle POIs each day.
  • Keep Bones and Murky water when collected, this is important for crafting lots of Glue / Tapes.
  • Dismantle cars, buses and trucks.
  • Smelt Stone and craft Forged Iron with Forges during the days.
  • Smelt Iron and Clay and craft Cement with Forges during the nights.
  • Craft Concrete Mix with Cement Mixers during the days.
  • Craft Sand with Cement Mixers during the nights.
  • Dig and shape out the Farming room each night.


In this chapter we will mainly focus on Intellect, Advanced Engineering, Grease Monkey and Mother Lode.
Purchase skills in the order at which they are in the Skills tab located in the Left Navigation.

We need to upgrade this parent skill to unlock Advanced Engineering level 2 and 3 as well as Grease Monkey Level 1 and 2.

Advanced Engineering
Upgrading this skill to level 2 will unlock the ability to craft a Workbench and a Cement Mixer, using those will also decrease crafting time by 20%. Upgrading this skill to level 3 will unlock base defences such as an Electric Fence, Dart Trap and Blade Trap. Forge recipes will cost 10% less and electrical devices will cost 15% less to craft.

Grease Monkey
Upgrading this skill to level 2 will unlock the ability to craft a Minibike.

Mother Lode
Upgrading this skill to level 1 will increase the amount of ores, stones, terrain blocks and trees gathered by 20%.

Chapter 2 – Overview
Day 8