Here are a few tips on how the Guide works. As long as you follow these main rules, you’ll be good to go!

General Notes

  • Pause, read then play
    It’s recommended that you pause the game each time you want to read your next step in this guide, as time is of the essence. Your survival depends solely on how fast and efficient you are in a short amount of time. Make sure to read the entire step before proceeding.
  • Save, save and save!
    Imagine playing for over 20 hours and suddenly your game crashes and corrupts your save file…. Well that happened to me on multiple occasions. The game is still in Alpha and is bound to have some issues. Make sure to save your game file, as in go to the game save folder on your computer and copy the files and paste them in a safe spot, I do this literally every in-game morning. So when 4:00 AM hits, exit the game and save the file. Here are the steps to get this done:

    • Exit the game.
    • Go to the folder where your save files are located, should be something like this:
      username is the username of your computer
      game-world is the name of the world you chose when you first started a new game. For example, Navezgane, PREGEN01, PREGEN02, and so on.
      game-name is the name you gave when you first started a new game.
    • What we want to copy is the game-name folder and place it in a safe location somewhere else on your computer. As a personal preference I always create a folder called by its day, so for example I’m saving my game on Day 2, I would call the folder Day 2 and paste my save file in there.

    Now if for some reason your game crashes and your save file is corrupted, simply apply these steps going backwards and you should be good to go! This is also useful if you made a mistake in the game and died. One of my students accidentally ate an Old Sham Sandwich instead of applying a Bandage and died. Instead of restarting the whole game, he simply reloaded his saved file.

Left Sidebar

  • Progress Bar
    This bar shows you the Guide total progress. It’s important to mark each step as “Completed” by using the checkbox field before moving to the next step. You’ll see it in action at the end of this page.
  • Reset
    This is useful if you want to restart from scratch. Be very careful with that button, as it resets all the progress you made. You might have to reload the page after resetting.
  • Chapters
    Each Chapter is equipped with it’s Overview and Days
    The Overview page provides a description of the focus during the next 7 days.
    A Chapter is 7 days long and includes the Horde Night.
    Each Day in this Guide starts at 4:00 AM.
  • Base Construction
    This section shows you step by step instructions on how to build your Base. These phases will be mentioned frequently and when they are, use that tab as reference.
  • Skills
    Follow the Skills list and use the check boxes to complete them as you progress through the game. Make sure to follow it as shown in the list. Do not skip a Skill. You can learn more about a skill’s functions and benefits by visiting the Chapter Overview section.

Right Sidebar

  • Master Loot List
    Make sure to follow and go through the Master Loot List. The list has been split up as some items are specific to certain Chapters and Days. When a list is done, move on to the next one, even if you have not moved to the next Chapter yet. Gathering loot in advance is beneficial to your progression and will make things easier later. The Complementary loot is not necessary to follow this guide however finding those items is yet again beneficial to your game play.

    <— This is the checkbox you’ll need to click on when completing each step, go ahead and click this one to complete this page.