Finish Base Upgrades with Cobblestone

There should only be a few blocks left, finish upgrading your Base to Cobblestone.

Craft 24 x Storage Box

Craft 240 x Nails in the Forge and then craft 24 x Storage Box. Once crafted, place them in your Bunker. You can follow the same organizing method as me or do your own but it’s very important to stay organized as it speeds up the crafting process.

Craft and Place Wood Spikes

Collect 240 x Wood and craft 14 Wood Spike. Place them in front of your base, where the zombies come from. If some get destroyed during the day, make sure to fix / rebuild them before the Horde.

Upgrade Hatches to Iron

Grab some Iron from your POI and upgrade the 2 Hatches in your base. This is useful against Vultures. Normally they don’t come on the first Horde night, but there are exceptions.

Visit the Trader

Trader’s stash is now refreshed, pay a visit and see if you can buy vegetables or vegetable seeds, a Wire Tool or anything in the Complementary list.

Gain XP

Go out there and do some nearby stuff, I would recommend looking for animals you can hunt and nests you can grab eggs from and cars you can take apart on the way. Make sure to be back by 19:00 and put away your loot.

Craft a Claw Hammer

Smelt 22 x Clay and 216 x Iron. Craft 24 Forged Iron and then craft a Claw Hammer. Move on to the next step while crafting.

Repair and replenish

It’s important to get prepared before the Horde begins. Make sure to cover the following list.

  • Repair all Tools and Melee Weapons you have in your Tool belt.
  • Make sure you have at least 3 x Repair Kits on hand.
  • Refill on your Iron Arrows. (25)
  • Lastly, stock up on food and drinks. Coffee is really good for Hordes as it gives extra stamina boost.

Horde Night

This is the first Horde night and will be smaller and shorter. With the Cobblestone Poles protecting you, there’s nothing to fear. Simply hit one zombie at a time with your Baseball bat and aim for the head. There’s no need to use any guns or ammo, it would be a waste. Do not swing your club continuously causing your stamina to drop below 40%. Take short breaks to bring your stamina back up and resume fighting. Stay hydrated to keep your stamina up. Fix poles with your Claw Hammer if they are getting damaged too much.

  • Bring Wood, Cobblestone and Iron for repairs
  • Clear Horde
  • Repair damaged walls and poles
  • Continue with Bunker construction if there’s any time remaining until 4:00
Day 6
Chapter 2 – Overview