Craft 200 x Concrete Mix

Use Both Cement Mixers to evenly craft 200 x Concrete Mix.

Smelt Stones, Craft Forged Iron

Stop crafting Cement and replace the smelting Iron with Stone evenly using both Forges and also craft the maximum amount of Forged Iron, add enough Wood to smelt for no more than 30 minutes. Mare sure to keep 400 x Stone for later.

Load the Dart Traps with Ammo

Take the 400 x Iron Dart you previously crafted in your Forges. Load each Dart Trap with 100 Iron Darts and make sure you lock the ammo when done, otherwise it won’t shoot.

Prepare Generator Bank

Grab 3 x Engine and 1000 x Gas Can. Install the 3 Engines in the Generator Bank then press Refuel enough times to consume the entire 1000 x Gas Cans.

Prepare Horde Night Items

Grab the following list of items and store them in a Storage Chest installed near the Electrical Room door. This is where you’ll always keep your Horde Night items. All you have to do after each completed Horde is to make sure those items are refilled and ready to go for the next Horde.

  • Electrical Parts (50+)
    For repairing Electric Fence Post
  • Iron (100+)
    For repairing Iron Hatches
  • Forged Iron (50+)
    For repairing Electric Fence Post
  • Drinks, preferably Coffee (2+)
    For boosting Stamina
  • First Aid Bandage / First Aid Kit (1+)
    For healing
  • Concrete Mix (100+)
    For repairing Walls and Poles
  • Ammo (50+)
    Mainly for killing Zombie Dogs

Gain XP

Try and do nearby stuff, nothing too far away and no Trader Quests or Airdrops this round. We want to make sure we’re back on time for the Horde Night.

  • Gather 100 Clay
  • Refill on Wood (up to 500)
  • Clear and Dismantle POIs
  • Gather 300 Iron
  • Return by 20:00

Smelt Iron and Clay and Craft Cement

Take out the Stones and replace them with Iron and Clay. Use both Forges to spread out the smelting evenly and craft the maximum amount of Cement. Have them both running while spending the night inside, place enough wood in each one to last for no more than 20 minutes.

Make sure not to smelt all the Clay you have, just the amount you gathered during your Gain XP task, which should be 100, the rest keep it for later use.

Craft 200 x Sand

Use both Cement Mixers to evenly craft 200 x Sand.

Horde Night

Grab all your Horde Night Items from the storage chest near the Electrical Room door and prepare for Horde Night!

Switch the Generator Bank ON and get ready for the horde, apply the same rule as you did in the last two hordes. This time, however, focus on the Zombie Dogs first if they do come shoot them quickly, I would suggest only using your ammo on dogs, not zombies, as they do brake the electrical fence faster.

Switch the Dart Traps ON only if it gets too crazy and there’s too many zombies, use it as your last resort. Make sure to turn them off once it gets cleared to preserve ammunition.

You can repair the Electrical Fence Posts in the Electrical Room with the hammer, same way you repair any block but make sure to turn on the dart trap while you do that.