Let’s go inside the Above Ground room and install a Generator Bank on the right side.

Install a Switch on the opposite left side.

Let’s go down to the Electrical Room and in the first room install 1 Relay on the right side and 2 Relays on the left side.

Let’s make our way to the roof and install 1 Relay on each side of the Wooden Hatch and 1 more Relay inside of the roof opening, as shown in the images.

Install 2 Electric Fence Posts on each side of the Relay in the roof opening.

Hold the reload key while the Electrical Fence Post is selected and choose Advanced. Rotate the Electrical Fence Post until it’s upside down. Place 2 on each side of the roof opening.

Make your way down to the Electrical Room, the second room. Install 4 Electrical Fence Posts on each side, make sure they are rotated back to normal, upright, not upside down.

Install 2 Simple Lights, one in each Electrical Room. Both of them installed on the opposite side of the Ladders.

Install 4 Dart Traps, 2 on each side. Make sure the positioning points towards you, this is the direction in which the darts will be fired. They will also shoot through the Concrete Arrow Splits.

I will explain the wiring process to the best of my abilities in writing, in some cases it may be difficult to follow so I prepared a video as well.

  1. Let’s start from the Generator Bank as this is our Power Source, connect it to the Relay on the right side of the roof.
  2. Again from the Generator Bank to the single Relay on the right side of the first Electrical Room.
  3. From the single Relay to the Simple Light.
  4. From the Simple Light to the second Simple Light in the second Electrical Room.
  5. From the right single Relay to the primary left side Relay.
  6. From the primary left side Relay to the Switch above ground.
  7. From the Switch back down to the secondary Relay on the left side of the Electrical Room.
  8. From the secondary Relay to the first bottom Dart Trap on the left side.
  9. From the first bottom Dart Trap to the second one on top of it.
  10. From the second Dart Trap to the Relay in the middle of the roof opening on top of the base.
  11. From the roof opening Relay to the top Dart Trap on the opposite side.
  12. From the top Dart Trap to the bottom Dart Trap.
  13. Make your way to the roof and connect the right side Relay to all 8 Electrical Fence Posts.
  14. Now we need to connect all the top Electrical Fence Posts to the bottom ones located in the Electrical Room.
  15. Connect the 4 middle Electrical Fence Posts to the 4 middle ones located in the Electrical Room. Do it one by one and make sure you are connecting them in a straight line
  16. Now we connect the other 4 but these ones will crisscross. Starting from the top, which ever Upside Down Electrical Fence Post you start with, make sure to connect it to the Electrical Fence Post on the opposite side in the Electrical Room. Essentially creating an X with the wires.