Before we begin, I want to personally thank you for contributing to this guide, you make it possible for me to expand and keep working hard to create the best 7 Days to Die Guide available to date! Please don’t hesitate to leave a review using our contact form, I would love to hear about your gaming experience and how this guide has helped you achieve your goals.

This game does update here and there, we try to stay up to date with the latest version, however it takes time to record all the videos and also make necessary changes to all the steps in the guide, so please be patient as we make those changes :).

The difficulty setting of my guide is set to Insane, the zombie running speed is set to Nightmare and Zombie Feral Sense is set to All. Making it the most difficult and the most challenging. Bare in mind that you do not need to play on the hardest mode, I did this so that you’re covered regardless of the difficulty setting you choose. It will only be easier if you choose a lower difficulty. If you barely played the game or just starting out, I would recommend starting with Adventurer as your difficulty setting. Also, it’s important to know that all other settings are untouched, which means they are completely vanilla. The purpose of this guide is to teach you how to play the game like a PRO using the utmost vanilla / standard settings. Once you become a master, I encourage you to play around with the settings as you wish.

It’s recommended that you pause the game each time you want to read your next step in this guide, as time is of the essence. Your survival depends solely on how fast and efficiently you do everything in a short amount of time, at least in the first 7 days!

Lastly, it’s crucial to know that this guide also teaches you how to survive under the worst conditions. There’s plenty of guides online, however most of them don’t consider the “luck” element of game play, for example finding a handgun or rifle on the first day, this doesn’t always happen, in fact the harder the difficulty of the game the less chances you’ll have at finding good loot at the beginning. This guide was specifically designed with the “luck” factor in mind, and that is no luck Chuck!

Let’s get started and kick some zombie ass!