Resume Base Upgrades

Use the Cobblestone you crafted during the night to resume base upgrades. If you run out of Cobblestone and still have more left to upgrade, leave it for the next morning.

Gain XP

It’s time to grab your Wrench and disassemble Cars, Buses and Trucks, try to find those that are still intact, meaning nothing has been ripped off yet. This will give you the Engines, Lead Car Batteries and Headlights. Vehicles are all over town, just take main roads and you should spot them. The trick is to spend half your day looking for Cars, Trucks, Buses and the other half on Clearing POIs where you can find the Bottles of Acid and everything else you need.

  • Refill on Wood until you reach 500.
  • Keep an eye out for the Master Loot List items
  • Take half a day to dismantle Cars, Trucks, Busses for Engines, Lead Car Batteries and Headlights. This should be until about noon.
  • Take half a day to clear and loot POIs. Keep a lookout for Bottles of Acid in kitchen and bathroom sinks and cabinets.

Return by 20:00

Craft and Iron Shovel

Smelt 288 x Iron 30 x Clay. Craft 24 x Forged Iron and then craft an Iron Shovel. Move on to the next step while crafting.

Resume with Bunker Construction

Bring Wood, Clay and Cobblestone (if you have any) and resume with Bunker construction. Craft 300 x Cobblestone as you’re breaking down the Stone walls. You should be able to get ⅔ done by 4:00.

Day 4
Day 6