Resume Base Upgrades

Use the Cobblestone you crafted during the night to resume base upgrades. There will be a little bit of Wood blocks left but that’s ok, we’ll finish it off on the morning of Day 7.

Gain XP

Kill zombies, loot and dismantle. Keep track of your Master Loot List.

  • Keep an eye out for the Master Loot List items
  • Clear and Dismantle POIs
  • Refill on Wood until you reach 500.
  • Return by 20:00

Craft a Iron Fireaxe

Use the Forge to smelt 360 x Iron and 36 x Clay. Craft 30 x Forged Iron and then craft an Iron Fireaxe. Move on to the next step while it’s crafting.

Finish Bunker Outline

It’s time to finish digging out the Bunker even if it takes longer than 4:00. Take your Land Claim block and head to your base. It’s important to finish at least the outline as we will be installing Storage Boxes first thing in the morning. Craft the last 420 x Cobblestone, we’ll need to finish upgrading our Base to the Cobblestone layer in the morning

Day 5
Day 7