Gain XP

We got a long day ahead of us but the good news is most of our list can be done near the POI we took over. Before you step out, take all the Empty Jars and Iron you found so far. Bring up your map and locate a source of water. Everything in blue is water. Blue square or rectangular shapes are most likely pools or sewage systems. Remember to stay close to your POI, this way you can return when your inventory gets full and unload, then go back out again. We are not ready to venture out far away yet.

  • Look for items from the Master Loot List for Day 2
  • Replant the trees you cut down, it makes it easier to collect wood close by.
  • Bird Nests, Feathers, Eggs
  • Clear POIs from Zombies and disassemble only if you found the Wrench

Return by 17:00 and put away your loot.

Visit the Trader

Trader’s stash resets every 3 days so it’s in our best interest to visit frequently. When you speak with the Trader, you’ll notice a Day number in the top right corner of the stash window indicating when stock resets. Since yesterday’s visit was short we will go see them today. Bring your “For Sale” items with you.

The Trader’s inventory is organized in groups, the last one being the “Secret Stash” which shows more rare items. The only items we want to buy are those which are harder to find by looting, it won’t make sense to spend Dukes on things we can easily find.

  • Sell whatever you don’t need, even Brass, as we won’t be using it for a long while.
  • Look specifically for 6 x Mechanical Parts and as much Tape or Glue as you can possibly purchase.

Craft a Forge and Smelt

A Forge has two slots that can be used for smelting. If you need to smelt only 1 type of resource, simply split it in half and use both slots. This will make smelting twice as fast.
There are also 3 Tool slots on top for an Anvil, Advanced Bellows and Crucible. The Anvil increases crafting speed, Advanced Bellows increase smelting speed and a Crucible unlocks the ability to craft Steel. Those 3 are NOT required to progress but are part of the Complementary loot list.

  • Craft a Forge.
  • Add enough wood to last 10 minutes or more.
  • Smelt a minimum of 46 x Clay and 496 x Iron.

Craft a Cooking Pot and Grill

Craft both using the Forge, only if you didn’t find them already. Once crafted, place it in your campfire, this will unlock the ability to craft better recipes.

Craft Glue

Craft 3 x Glue from Bones and Murky Water Using a Campfire and the Cooking Pot. If you have 3 x Glue or 3 x Duct Tape, move on to the next step.

Craft Duct Tape

Craft 3 x Duct Tape from Glue and Cloth. If you have 3 x Duct Tape, move on to the next step.

Craft Forged Iron

You’ll need to wait a little bit for the Iron and Clay to smelt but you can craft Forged Iron at the same time. There is a way to smelt stuff quicker. For instance I start by smelting Clay first in both slots, then I smelt Iron
Take a look at how I split the resources in two in order to smelt faster. It takes twice the amount of Iron than Clay to craft Forged Iron, so I split the Iron in two stacks to smelt it faster.

  • Using the Forge, craft enough Forged Iron to reach 32 as you might have some in your loot already. We’ll need this for our Baseball Bat and Repair Kits.

Craft Repair Kits

You’ll need 2 x Forged Iron and 2 x Tape. The Repair Kits are required to repair your Wrench or Baseball Bat once they break from usage, or any other item that requires a repair kit. Move on to the next step while you wait for the crafting to complete.

Craft a Baseball Bat

You’ll need 30 x Forged Iron, 10 x Wood, 1 Leather and 1 x Tape for the Baseball Bat. Move on to the next step while you wait for the crafting to complete.

Craft Iron Arrows

You should have enough Iron in your Forge to craft 25 x Iron Arrowheads and then Iron Arrows. These are useful to wake up sleeping zombies in POIs and for general long-range defence. Very good for hunting as well. Move on to the next step while you wait for the crafting to complete.

Craft a Pipe Weapon

See if you have enough ingredients to craft any of the pipe weapons. If not, wait until the next day and try again. It can be any Pipe Weapon, preferably one that you have ammunition for.

Breakdown and Disassemble

If you still have some time before the morning hits, break down, gather and dismantle everything at your POI. Repair your Wrench with the recently crafted Repair Kit. Scrap Bras, Lead or Iron items you don’t need or are not worth much. Remember, never scrap anything required in the Master Loot List unless it’s an excess, that’s for all Chapters.

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