Hunting rabbits in 7 Days To Die can be very tricky, especially the ones on the run. In this tutorial, you will lean how to easily hunt rabbits without having to drain all your stamina.

First, let’s keep in mind that I will not be using any Skills, Perk Books or Guns for this tutorial. This is strictly meant to show you a vanilla way to hunt rabbits, especially at the beginning of a new game.

The generic way would be to simply run after the rabbit, however, this drains most of your stamina and really doesn’t work out so well, especially when you become the hunted.

There’s a safe and simple way to get this done. First you’ll need a few Wood Frame Blocks, preferably at least 10, a Bow and some Stone Arrows. Items you can easily craft at the beginning of the game. When you see a rabbit, don’t get too close as it will start running away. Your closest distance should be at a minimum of 20 blocks or 20 meters, a safe and tested distance. When you’re close enough, place a few Wood Frame Blocks under you, so that you’re raised of the ground. This will help you see the Rabbit, especially when they run into the grass. The higher you are above ground the less they are likely to detect you. When the rabbit stops and or stands up on two feet, this is the moment you should strike.

Keep practising this technique and you’ll notice how easy it is to hunt them down without running around and using up all your stamina.